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Carol Goodman, RN, LPC

contact: 541.683.0952

A depth psychological approach to therapy recognizes suffering is an inherent part of our human condition. It provides a way of seeing into our particular suffering with a depth of understanding about the unconscious forces that affect our individual as well as collective psyche. In therapy, we explore unconscious material that is encountered in dreams and in processes of active imagination such as journaling, art, or sandplay. The purpose of this exploration is to renew the conscious mind. Energy that has been held in the unconscious is released and our conscious attitudes can shif allowing new life to enter.

My approach to therapy comes from a Jungian perspective. We will work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and regard for your individual journey. The process of therapy encourages self-acceptance and an awareness of your shadow aspects. We will honor the struggle to become conscious while attending challenges of abuse, neglect, abandonment, loss, betrayal, addiction and trauma in life. Our focus is centered on your healing process along with the wisdom of your dreams, your body and your creativity. Some of the goals of therapy are psychological integration and the cultivation of new life, inner purpose and discovery of meaning. Together we will face our human journey and the courage it takes to live our lives.

Strip your psyche to the bare bones of spontaneous process, and you give yourself one chance in a thousand, to make the Pass. --William S. Burroughs